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What Are The Contents Of NC Machining Process?

In the market, we see A lot of China CNC Machining Manufacturer offer various products, such as CNC Milling Aerospace Component and CNC Machining with Colorful Anodizing. But do you know what aspects of nc machining include?

1. Through the adaptability analysis of nc machining, select the parts and contents of nc machining.

2. Combined with the characteristics of machining surface and the function of nc equipment, the process analysis of nc machining of parts is carried out.

3. Process design of nc machining.

4. According to the needs of programming, carry out mathematical treatment of parts.

5. Compile the processing program sheet.

6. School team and modification of processing procedures.

7. The first part is tested and processed, and on-site problems are dealt with.

8. Prepare technical documents of nc machining process.

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Jul, 2018
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