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Method of Heating and Cooling in Precision Machining Heat Treatment

Cooling is also an indispensable step in the heat treatment process, in Precision Machining industry, the cooling method will vary depending on the casting process and the heat treatment process. It is mainly to control the cooling rate, generally the annealing cooling rate is the slowest. Because of different types of steel and have different requirements, such as empty hard steel can be the same as the normal cooling rate of hardening.

Heating temperature is one of the important process parameters of the heat treatment process. Choosing and controlling the heating temperature is an important issue in ensuring the quality of the heat treatment. The use of high energy density heating and surface heat treatment, the heating speed is extremely fast, generally there is no holding time, and chemical heat treatment of the insulation time is usually longer. JST Industry supply CNC Machining, precision machine service and process for many years in China. More information, please feel free to contact us.


May, 2017
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