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Micro Machining Technology

Micro machining or small pieces of processing are the processing of small-scale machining parts. Micro-machining is usually used in the field of medical devices and electronics. Parts produced by micro-machining processes usually need to be observed with a microscope. Micro-machining is usually carried out in specialized micro machining components or precision machining workshops.

                                              Micro Machining

The processing method of micro-machining is a wide variety of methods, which can be classified into four categories according to the general classification of modern machining technology: 1 Removing the processing way of separating a part of the material, such as photolithography, chemical etching, electrolytic polishing, etc. 2 the processing of the same or different materials, such as chemical plating, electroplating, sputtering deposition, ion plating, etc. 3. Deformation processing makes the material shape change processing mode, such as micro-ion flow polishing (grinding, calendering), Hot Flow surface processing (gas high temperature, high-frequency current, heat ray, electron beam, laser), etc. 4 the overall treatment and surface modification.


Apr, 2017
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