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Six Points of Injection Molding Process Performance Requirements

With the increase in the type of Plastic Injection Molding products and improve the quality requirements, as well as Injection Molding forming processing tends to high speed, large scale, precision and multi-cavity, the plastic mold processing materials also proposed a high processing technology performance requirements.

1.Machinability: plastic mold cavity geometry is mostly complex, cavity surface quality requirement is high, lot of parts are difficult to process. So the injection mold processing materials should have excellent machinability and grinding performance.

2.Welding performance: plastic mold cavity in the processing of damage, or in the use of wear and tear need to repair, often using welding method, so the plastic mold processing materials have better welding performance.

3.Heat treatment process performance: this process should be simple, the material has sufficient hardenability, deformation cracking tendency is small, the process quality is stable.

4.Mirror polishing performance: the surface roughness of Plastic injection Molded Products mainly depends on the mold cavity surface roughness. Therefore, most of the mirror mold steel is smelting, vacuum melting or vacuum degassing of ultra clean steel. 

5.Electrical processing performance: injection molding processing materials in the electrical processing sometimes will be some issues that general mechanical processing will not be the problem. So it must must have good electrical processing performance.

6.Decorative pattern processing performance: this performance requires pure material, hope the organization of fine uniform composition without segregation, or will has poor effect after corrosion or erosion.

Plastic Injection Molding


Mar, 2017
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