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Performance Requirements for Injection Molds Materials

There are five points about use performance requirements about Injection Mold

1.Enough strength and hardness, so that the Plastic Injection Molding can withstand the work load without deformation. Generally the plastic mold hardness is in the range of 38-55HRC. Simple shape required high polishing performance, the work hardness can be higher, on the other hand, the hardness can be lower.

2.Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the roughness and dimensional accuracy of mold cavity polishing surface can be maintained for long time without changing.

3.Sufficient toughness is an important performance indicators that ensure the injection mold do not cracking prematurely in the using process.

4.Better heat resistance and dimensional stability. It require injection mold processing materials have lower expansion coefficient and stable organization. Steel expansion coefficient in Plastic Mold processing materials is smaller, bronze, aluminum is larger.

5.Good thermal conductivity to make the plastic parts in the mold cooling forming as soon as possible.

Injection Mold


Mar, 2017
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