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Micro Machining is a Key Technology for Many Industry

Micro Machining is a key technology for many industry. We are proud to supply micro machining service and micro machining components through our precision CNC machines. Our highly skilled operators are dedicated to manufacturing Micro Machining Components with excellent quality. Our equipment has advanced high speed machine technology range from 0.004”- 006”. Cutting tools with metal or plastic under the high speed rotation, the diameter can be as small as 0.005”. Micro machining parts manufacturing is required in more industries than ever before. JST Industry can meet the challenge of precision micro machining to micron level tolerance, we can manufacture various sizes. As the application complexity and size reduction, we supply micro milling and micro EDM solutions. The design of micro machining center has advanced spindle temperature control, unique EDM progress and rigid machine structure, to enhance workshop’s macro machining property.

Micro Machining Components


Mar, 2017
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