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What is Micro Machining

Micro Machining is machining small workpieces. Micro machining often used in medical devices field and electronics field, it generally performed in a special shop dedicated to small parts or Precision Machining.

1. When processing the small size, due to its small size, the accuracy must be represent with the absolute value of size, that is, the size which take out a piece of material, then introduce the concept of processing unit size.

2. The microscopic mechanism. The biggest difference between general processing and micro processing is the size of the chip. The metal material is generally composed of fine grains, the grain diameter is several microns to hundreds of microns. General process can ignore the size of grain, their mechanism is different.

3. Micro machine take separating or combining atoms, molecules as processing objects, electron beam, mechanic beam, particle beam as processing base, using deposition, etching, sputtering, evaporation and other means for various treatment.

Micro Machining


Feb, 2017
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