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What is The Selection Principle of CNC Turning

CNC Turning is a high precision, high efficiency, automated machine tools, it is the largest use in domestic, covering the widest range of a CNC machine tools. CNC turning has a wide range of processing performance, can be processed linear cylinder, diagonal cylinder, arc and various threads. Selecting suitable CNC turning should keep to the following principles:

1. Pre-preparation: determine the typical parts of process requirements, processing workpiece volume, proposed CNC Lathe. Process requirements are mainly parts of structural size, processing range and accuracy requirements.

2. Machine tool accessories and tool selection: machine tools accessories, parts and supply capacity, tools is important for CNC lathes. Select the machine, need to consider the matching of tools and accessories carefully.

3. Focus on the control system identity: choose the control system from the same manufacturer is convenient to the maintenance.

4. According to the performance-cost ratio to select: do not choose the machine which no need, choose the functional one, accuracy is not idle, do not waste.

5. Machine protection: when necessary, the CNC lathe can be equipped with fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protective devices, automatic chip removal device.

CNC Turning


Jan, 2017
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