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How Does Automatic Lathe Operate Safely?

Automatic Lathe is a high performance, high precision, low noise pass-knife automatic lathe, through the cam to control the processing of Automatic Lathe Machining. It suitable for cooper, aluminum, iron, plastic and other Precision Machined Parts processing.

1. Before working according to regulations lubricate the machine, check whether the handle in place or not, and open the trial run for five minutes to confirm that all normal before operation.

2. Chuck should be fastness, wrench can not stay in the chuck when starting up.

3. Workpiece and tool clamping to be solid, cutter arbor should not be stretched too long. Turn knife and stop the machine to prevent tool and chuck collision, or cut hand.

4. When workpiece is running, the operator can not stand on the workpiece, the body do not rely on lathes, feet do not step oil pan.

5. High speed cutting, chip breakers and retaining screen should be used.

6. Prohibit high speed anti-braking, and parking smooth.

7. Removing iron with special brush or hook.

8. Lathe is not stopped, prohibit to taking or measuring the workpiece in front of lathe.

9. Do not open or remove the guards during operation of the machine.

10. Cleaning and wiping test lathe when get off work, and make the tailstock and slide box back to the right end of the machine.

Automatic Lathe Machining


Jan, 2017
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